Facebook ADS strategy

Evolve is an expert agency in social networking.
Sacial communication is our speciality.

Generate benefits from the very first days

Evolve is a communications agency specialising in the creation and management of Facebook advertising for businesses.
We have integrated within the agency the best Facebook ADS experts to allow you to reach several hundreds of thousands of qualified people at the drop of a hat !

We consider that each project is unique, we adapt our approach according to your project but our process remains the same. Here is how we proceed:

Content creation

Gain notoriety by making your page more dynamic thanks to quality content. Photos, videos, polls or competitions... We will make your community react and encourage it to participate, comment, like or share your publications. We create commitment around your brand and an interest in your company.

Targeted dynamic campaign


To find and reach your audience, our experts use extremely powerful tools combined with unique working methods. We will spread your message and reach tens of thousands of people. Dynamic campaigns are terribly effective in order to increase your turnover considerably at a lower cost.

Retargeting campaigns

*very profitable*

It is at this stage that we are going to explode your profitability! Once we've hooked your qualified audience, we set up terribly effective retargeting campaigns with extremely low ROAS. That's when our Facebook experts generate a lot of profit with very little expense.

Explode your sales in a few weeks...

We start by defining your objectives taking into account several parameters such as your services/products, your potential audience and of course your budget. We then set up our process which will allow us to define the qualified audience that best matches your objectives.

Once we have the ideal customer avatar for you, our experts will be able to generate maximum "conversion" in just a few weeks.

These results were obtained by one of our shops only through Facebook advertising.

Reach several hundred thousand people...

Our team of Facebook Ads experts knows the "Facebook machine" inside out. Amplify your message and share it with hundreds of thousands of people at low cost. Facebook is a real opportunity for companies that want to communicate quickly. Today, with the right methods, it is possible to reach a very large number of potential customers with an extremely low cost per click. And we know how to do it perfectly !

To better understand,
here Facebook in a few statistics...

users per month worldwide.
of users use facebook to find a product.
of dollars generated by businesses around the world solely through facebook advertising. (in 2019)
Satisfied buyers recommend your page and your product to their friends and family.

In other words, no matter what you have to sell, you'll sell it on Facebook !
And our job is simply to bring you the right methods...

Ready to explode your turnover ?!

Start making money with Facebook advertising now !

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We take care of everything !

One of the many advantages of dealing with a communication agency expert in Facebook advertising is that you don't have to do anything ! Evolve takes care of everything, from defining your audience, designing creative, creating and managing your dynamic campaigns, re-launching and retargeting... Just tell us what your objectives are and we'll take care of the rest !