Visual identity / Branding / logo creation

Don't go unnoticed!

The visual identity of a brand is an essential element of its visibility and appropriation by the public.
At EVOLVE, we use all our skills to enhance the value of brands, working closely and transparently with the teams that bring them to life.
In visual communication, our agency takes great care to assimilate the values and functioning of the brand in order to best meet its expectations and build a lasting and creative relationship with it.

Création de logo île maurice

Without a logo, a brand does not exist...

A logo is an essential element in the identification of a brand. As the first visual link with the public, it must be recognised at first glance and be a lasting embodiment of the brand's activity.
EVOLVE is committed, throughout the process of creating or redesigning the logo, to favour the best choice.

Identité de marque et visuelle

At first glance!

The visual identity of a brand is not limited to its logo. Through the colours, shapes, illustrations or typography used in its communication campaigns, a brand stands out from another and makes the difference. At Evolve we don't like old recipes: we'll always strive to work with you to create strong and original identities.




Enlarge your audience...

Rethink the brand and give it visibility in an intelligent and non-intrusive way. Going out to meet Internet users and ensuring that this first contact takes place in the best conditions to encourage their commitment. Create communities around your brand and animate them. These are all levers that we create and activate so that your campaigns reach your target audience with the right positioning.

Update your communication strategy

Increase your visibility and notoriety with an adapted strategy.

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