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We support companies in the creation of their digital communication media: websites, eCommerce platforms, customised development, mobile applications, etc.

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UX Design développement Web

Improving the user experience with UX design

At EVOLVE, we advise on the best strategies in terms of user experience to implement, according to your problems and objectives. We carry out an in-depth analysis of your brand universe and your market, and work with you to build the most relevant and effective ergonomics.

This is our development process

For all web projects, we rigorously follow this development process in order to cover all the issues that can be linked to your objectives.

Etude de projet création Web

1. Project study

Analysis of the existing situation - Study of available data (analytics, audience...) - Recommendations for improvement.


2. Wireframing

Definition of the main operating principles and general ergonomic rules for the future site.


3. Moodboard

Collection of inspirational designs to help define interface styles.

Développement et conception WebDesign

4. WebDesign

Creation of the graphic models of the templates. Creation of a graphical prototype allowing to navigate through the interface.

Intégration et création de site internet

5. Développement

HTML integration and development of all website functionalities.

Optimisation site web

6. Production

Optimisations and putting the website online. Support for its use.

Développement eCommerce à l'île Maurice

The most powerful e-commerce platform

Prestashop™ is undoubtedly one of the platforms most used by companies for their e-commerce. Very ergonomic and easy to use, it benefits from a large number of applications and a considerable number of themes.

Over the years, our developers have specialised in custom theme and application design, shop set-up and management.

We have been working with Prestashop™ for years because :

  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Several hundred themes and applications available
  • Unlimited stock, order and customer management.
  • Compatible payment system (Bank, Stripe, Mollie, Paypal, etc...)

Création de votre site WordPress avec Evolve Agency

Exploiting the full power of WordPress

WordPress has long been associated with blog development alone. This was without counting the efforts of a very large community of developers who, over the years, have enriched and completed this particularly user-friendly CMS. WordPress indeed has a very neat and intuitive interface, which makes it a CMS suitable for many projects, such as the creation of a showcase site, a portfolio, a social network, a small e-commerce site and, of course, a blog or an online magazine...

Evolve Mauritius développe votre site web ou application mobile sur mesure

Custom web development

Because no two website projects are the same, we have integrated varied and complementary developer profiles within our tribe. As a web agency, EVOLVE masters all aspects of the design, development and maintenance of your web projects. Experts in LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), we mainly develop in PHP with the Symfony framework. But the skills of our developers also extend to JQuery, Ajax, JSon, DOM, XML manipulation, HTML5, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, no web project, no matter how complex, will intimidate our programming pros !

Soyez premier sur les moteur de recherche grâce à Evolve Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimisation positioning

At EVOLVE, we have integrated into the team "professional referrers" whose only job is to ensure that your site appears at the top of search engine results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) our team will restructure the tree structure and architecture of your site by matching the keywords of your website with those that are most sought after in your field of activity.

SEA referencing (Ads campaign) our teams can also accelerate the process by setting up dynamic campaigns on the most relevant keys in your field. This solution pays off, but is terribly effective in appearing very quickly at the top of the search engines.

Choose a professional website...

At EVOLVE, we prioritise the user experience (UX Design) before any website or web application creation, we put ourselves in the user's shoes in order to offer them the simplest possible navigation and ease of use.

The credibility of a website starts with its ergonomics.

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